My name is Wilma and I live with my friend Maarten and our cats Kiki, Tommie & Migo near the beach in Scheveningen in The Netherlands. My main interest lies in the area of travel and architectural photography. Especially when travelling, I like to take photos. It's a golden opportunity to capture special moments.

In a recent photo series, I turned my lens towards contemporary architecture. I experimented with patterns, colorful and rhythmic compositions to create a striking visual impact. Since then, architectural photography has also stolen my heart.

Apart from being a photographer, I work in fashion. As the owner of Scheev, an agency for fair trade and sustainable fashion, I try to make this world a little better. Besides this job, I offer talented amateur and professional photographers, mainly from developing countries, a platform to sell their photography via Fair Photo Shop.

Are you sick tired of staring to that boring empty wall in your house or office? Add some travel magic to your wall with one of my beautiful travel photos or make a statement with a stunning architecture print. Whatever your style, I hope there is something unique for your wall.